Brilliant Deduction… Clarice

White Fire by Preston & Child is a lot like what I imagine would happen if Sherlock Holmes was thrown into a Silence of the Lambs scenario…


The story is about a young woman named Corrie, who is the protégé of the infamous Agent Pendergast, the star of many Preston & Child books – though to be honest, he was not so famous to me since this is the first Preston & Child book I’ve read. Full disclosure, I only read this because I got an ARC copy at NYComiCon.

coverCorrie comes up with an idea to write a thesis (forensics student) on the bones of a group of miners that died under some mysterious circumstances, in a supposed animal attack, in a it’s-too-cold-for-people-to-live-here ski town. As her investigation unfolds, Corrie meets an interesting cast of characters including: Ted, the complex townie; Captain Stacee Bowdree, haunted by her past; Kleefish, the Holmes aficionado – though technically only Pendergast meets him; and Mrs. Kermode, the old money old lady who rules the town with an iron fist. Combine this cast of characters with a somewhat creepy town and a bunch of mysterious remains and you get a pretty good thriller.

I’m normally not the type to enjoy a mystery/thriller as they are often far too easy to solve, but this one kept me entertained. I think the mystery of the remains is quickly uncovered by any reader of average intelligence, but the authors give some interesting details in that regard and there are enough red herrings, that you are still somewhat surprised when the real antagonist of the story is revealed.

Overall, the story is very well written and there’s an interesting framing element with a “historic” story about a meeting between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde – which is fun for any lit fan. It made me interested enough to check out what is apparently a whole series about Agent Pendergast.

Do you know the super cheesy horror movie Relic is based off one of these books? If you don’t remember it, check out the trailer below and I also encourage you to check out some of Preston & Child’s books.

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