Finish Your Trilogy Like a Champ

Have you noticed the very strict outline that 99% of YA series seems to follow?

  • Book 1: Introduce an unbelievable, but still relatable world; isolate and throw challenges at the kickass hero; and develop a romance, either forbidden or a love triangle, for drama.
  • Book 2: Try to be as exciting as the first one; fail; and offer a time buffer in which super fans write fanfiction in preparation of the finale.
  • Book 3: Reveal the secrets; make the hero choose or sacrifice the love of their life; and leave the reader disappointed by how you end the book.

Seriously. Why are the endings of most YA trilogies so annoying? *Cue sarcastic comment about YA writing in general*

9275658So, getting to the point of this blog, I’m disappointed by the end to Marie Lu’s trilogy. Legend was a great start to the series. I’m not usually a fan of a two-person narrative, but June and Day where interesting, complicated protagonists and I really hoped they would wind up together. It was compelling. Lu threw some of the great military training and strategy elements you find in a book like Ender’s Game into an interesting Big Brother style dystopia.

13414446The second book, Prodigy, was not quite as good, but you still got to see some solid character development. Secondary characters like Tess and Anden got more space. You found out more about the dystopia with details on the Republic vs. the Colony. It was a promising lead up to book 3, Champion.

14290364Alas, Champion started so well. There was the drama behind June’s role as Princep Elect. Day was carrying out tough missions and rebuilding his relationships with his brother Eden. It was all going so well – even if the plot was a bit stereotypical. Then, near the end, the surgery takes places (I won’t go into detail and ruin it for those of you who have not read it yet).

Seriously? Marie Lu, how could you do that? Using the surgery to offer a ridiculous resolution. Then, offering an even more ridiculous reunion to offer the hopes of a happy ending. Did your publishers make you do that? Were you afraid to offend the core angst filled teen audience? Disappointing.

So yes, I enjoyed the Legend trilogy, but I was definitely disappointed by the ending. Are there any YA trilogies that you think actually got the ending just right?

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