Not Falling for Falling Kingdoms

Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes is yet another ARC I received this year at NewYorkComiCon. It is apparently the second of the Falling Kingdoms novels, due out in December 2013. It feels a lot like a combination of one of the Grimm fairy tales and Robin Hood with a touch of epic fantasy world building thrown in.


To begin with, I was impressed by the fact that I found the book, and the world, interesting and fun despite the fact that I had not read the first novel in the series. I loved the fact that the author named magic Elementia and the characters were all so secretive that it was interesting to piece clues together as the reader, while the characters had no idea what was going on – after all, don’t we all love to feel superior.

The idea of another pseudo-race in the Watchers added a touch of the forbidden to the relationships we saw developing and I really enjoyed the relationships overall. Princess Cleo’s complicated backstory with rebel leader Jonas. Prince Magnus’ unrequited love for Lucia. Brion’s tragic desire to prove himself to Lysandra. All great characters.

rebel springSo why didn’t I LOVE this book? I’m not sure. I enjoyed it, but was never really compelled to keep reading. I think there was a certain lack of urgency in the plot. I also think it was because it read like a YA version of epic fantasy. It had all the right elements and it definitely had the right characters, but it was just a little lacking in depth.

Overall, an enjoyable book, but I could take it or leave it. What do you think? Do you love or hate the Falling Kingdom series?

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