Why Ann Aguirre Is My Hero

So I have this blog because I read a lot. Seriously, I mean A LOT. Like a book a night A LOT. And in the past few years there have been maybe 10 to 20 books that I have basically fangirled out over and tried to recommend to all my friends. Honestly, I’ll recommend them to perfect strangers if they are willing to talk to me. Out of these amazing books and authors, I have to say Anne Aguirre is my favorite discovery.

enclaveDo you ever go through phases where you just read a “type” of book? I went through one of those for YA action/adventure/fantasy books. One of the best was Aguirre’s Razorland saga. The first book, Enclave, told the story of Deuce, a Huntress in a primitive society that lived in dark tunnels and had to fight against mutated Freaks for survival. There was a lot of depth to Deuce’s character – her friendships, her dreams and the culture she lived in. You really rooted for her in each battle, you might have cried a little when certain friends turned against her and you hoped beyond hope that things would pan out with Fade – her mysterious, and oh-so-deadly, hunting partner.

It was an amazing first book in a YA trilogy and I flipped when I figured out how Aguirre’s built on our world to create the Enclave, and even more when she left me with a cruel cliffhanger. I wanted more. And that’s how my worship at the altar of Aguirre began.

I found out she had an adult SciFi series centered on a woman named Sirintha Jax. She was one of an elite group of “pilots” that could plug into a ship and navigate it through Grimspace (think hyperjump). It was a little bit of BattleStar Galactica action + some of the cult comedy of StarShip Troopers + a big dose of the motley crew of Firefly. All in all, amazing. I read all six of the Jax books in a couple of days, went back to consume the Razorland novellas and eagerly awaited the release of Horde, the final Razorland book.


I was not disappointed. (If you haven’t read books 1 and 2, this won’t make sense, but…) We saw Deuce and Fade develop a true partnership. We saw Tegan come into her own with Morrow. We saw plot resolutions – albeit often  sad – for characters like Stalker. We were even swept up in the drama of secondary characters, like poor Spence. There was a clear explanation of the evolution, and then the future, of this world (finally, an author got it right!) and there was an interesting twist on the muties. Plus, the actual ending made sense. It was not a sudden and ridiculous Shakespearean resolution or a horror movie cliffhanger, it was realistic and believable.

perditionHonestly, I’m now a little depressed that this series is over, but I am eagerly awaiting Havoc, the second book in Aguirre’s new Dred Chronicles – the first, Perdition, is my new all time favorite book. So do yourself a favor and check out at least one of Anne Aguirre’s book and I’d love suggestions for who my next author –hero should be.

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