Sarah Maas Is Still on Fire

coverWell, mostly. Sarah’s latest book in the Throne of Glass series grows by epic proportions. I adored-was obsessed-could not put down the first book and the second felt a bit slower, but Chaol made it totally worthwhile. That’s why my absolute, must have book at BEA this year was Heir of Fire.

The action started almost immediately after the events of the last book and you saw a devastatingly unhappy Celaena Sardothien. After growing to love her and following all her struggles in the series, it was hard to see Calaena so defeated. Then, you’re given hope. Rowan shows up and you know there’s something major in the works for Calaena.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re reading about some woman named Manon Blackbeak. Who on earth is this? What do I care about her? Sure, as you read on, you see how her story might intersect with the other characters. And she grows on you once you see her treatment of her wyvern and the loyalty of her coterie, The Thirteen. But it was weird. For Sarah Maas to introduce a character that has a huge role in the book, but has no history or interaction with any of the other main characters… Weird.

In addition to Manon’s presence, I was disappointed by the treatment of Chaol. He grew into such a great character in the first book and I was totally head over heels for him in the second one, so it was disappointing to see him so unsure and impotent and, well, lonely, in this book. Now I can’t decide if I want Calaena to find a way to forgive him or to seize on her new bond with Rowan.

I definitely feel like Sarah Maas made a major move from YA fantasy to epic adult fantasy in Heir of Fire. There’s more fighting, more death, more characters and, heck, more pages. It might not have been the book I expected, but I still love Celaena and can’t wait to see what happens to her next.


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