I Become Shadow – A Spot of Lighthearted Fun

asdJoe Shine’s I Become Shadow was a fun, quick read. The main character, Ren Sharpe, is taken to the FATE Center (lol) at the age of 14 to become a Shadow aka the guardian of a future leader. It’s a tough transition to be ripped away from her family and life and everything, but it somehow seems to become better when she becomes one of the popular kids at the center *oh adolescence.*

There’s an endearing friend/love interest named Junie. A top secret mission. A mean teacher, lots of fighting, even more mistakes and then it’s time for Ren to take on a protection assignment at the University of Texas.

The concept is somewhat unique and I like the turn the book takes when the Shadows are actually forced to imprint on the people they protect. At the end, you’re left wondering who the real bad guy is (there’s a secret plot *of course*) and there are a bunch of characters that I think must play a more important role in the next book (her brother!). Overall, a very light, action-packed story. Great for a nice summer day when you don’t feel like reading another book about “feelings.”


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