Five Stars for Court of Fives Sequel

26853604I can’t believe I haven’t heard more buzz for the August release of Poisoned Blade. There was huge excitement for Kate Elliott’s Court of Fives premier last year (and it was well deserved) and the second book in the series is even better.

Avoiding spoilers, book one ended on a huge, and rather devastating, cliffhanger. Book two picks off right where one left off and you see Jessamy dealing with the fallout from her choices. She continues to try to balance her passion for the Fives, her love for Kal, her fear for her family and her loyalty to her father in an increasingly tenuous political situation.

Part of what I love is that things are not black and white for Jessamy. She looks at every event – on and off the court – strategically and she make mistakes, but she learns from them and she is willing to change her opinion and her strategy. She’s talented, smart and, more uncommonly, she feels real.

There’s not only great character development for Jes, but the story is also fast and action packed. The world expands from the Fives court to a larger worlds and from a girl struggling to fit in to sweeping conspiracies and a country at war.

While it would be easy to get lost in the new plot twists, I think Elliott does an amazing job grounding the story. She plants excellent easter eggs for future twists without heavy handed foreshadowing. And she connects the small world of the Fives to the larger conspiracies and rebellions through the symbolism within each stage of the Fives. I, for one, am super excited for book three.

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