Unearthed, Undying, not Unsimilar

Before I get into the actual review, I have to mention that I got an ARC of this book at The BookCon (or was it the Book Expo? eh, probably BookCon) and it was madness. By far, this was the craziest drop I saw all week. People were basically diving for books ala Black Friday at the Disney booth. I mean, this was my #1 goal and I think I wound up with the second to last copy. So yeah, people seem pretty excited for this one.

I don’t know how much of the buzz for this book was because of the strong Illuminae Files fanbase, but I know Amie Kaufman because of the Starbound series, which I really enjoyed, so I was very excited to see her team up with Meagan Spooner again.

coverUnearthed was an enjoyable read, but it gave the impression of being very similar to the Starbound series. An unlikely boy and girl team up in unexpected and challenging circumstances. There’s a mysterious race that has insights into some form of immortality. Said boy and girl start to fall for each other and use their special skills and intelligence to survive. I could be describing either series.

So while Unearthed is not unsimilar to the duo’s last collaboration, it is similar in that I found it an enjoyable read. The similarities between the looting of the new world ring true to our world’s historic approach to discovery and exploration – consider the looting of the Egyptian pyramids and the impact of finds such as the Rosetta Stone. Jules and Mia are smart, likeable protagonists and their liking for each other follows a relatively realistic arc. And I found the Undying’s (alien race) traps to be creative and well though-out.

So if you like the Starbound series or want a sort of Sci-Fi YA Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code, give this one a shot.

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