A New Take on the Old Stepmom

There have been so many retelling and not-so-new takes on fairy tales in the past few years that I wasn’t sure I could stand another. And there’s no more tried and true story than the stepmother who turns to evil and the beautiful stepdaughter struggling for love/survival… but an enthralling Buzz Books excerpt convinced me to give Melissa Bashardoust‘s Girls Made of Snow and Glass a shot.

Shoot and score! Finally, something original!


The magic was creative, unique and beautiful. And the two “girls” were well-developed, realistic and interesting. Side note: I can’t believe this is the author’s first book.

“Cold as snow, sharp as glass”


I feel like this is a hard one to talk about without getting spoilery, so some very top-line thoughts:

  • I was really touched by the themes around what it takes to be a mother and what love really is
  • It raised an interesting philosophical question of what it means to be real
  • Lynet (daughter) may be “cold,” but she is full of warm emotions and curiosity
  • Mina (stepmother) may have grown “sharp,” but is full of softness for her loved ones and subjects
  • I love them both!
  • I also loved the takes on Felix, the mirror and huntsman (I wish I could say more!)
  • Unique take on magic, with an unexpected evolution of abilities
  • I like the parallel qualities of snow and glass that make the girls, even in their “magic” seem destined to be family

Wrap-up: This is an amazing debut, with a unique and heart wrenching take on the standard fairytale structure.

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