What’s a Valkyrie to Do

34964846You know, you just don’t see enough stories about Valkyrie’s today. Between the Blade and the Heart presents a world where Valkyries keep the supernatural peace and angels and demons walk among us. But despite the magic of this world, it’s a lot like our own. You might ignore an act of violence on crowded urban streets (though in this case it’s Valkyrie on angel violence). You might spend your last dollar maintaining a broken down car/bike because it’s your baby. Or, despite the thousands of people in the city, you might run into your ex at every turn.

Malin, our heroine, is an incredibly beautiful, physically imposing, super strong Valkyrie. But underneath that amazing exterior, she’s just like us. She has a complex relationship with her demanding mother Marlow, relies on her best friend/roommate Oona and has feelings she can’t quite define about her ex Quinn and new maybe boyfriend Asher. Malin also has the most adorable pet in the world, a wolpertinger named Bowie!

The story begins with Malin almost at the end of her Valkyrie training. She learns that a major rule of her world has been broken and goes on a quest to make things right. Along the way there are exciting battles, some fun *ahem* sexy times and a number of all-powerful mythical swords. If you’re looking for an action packed read starring a very cool Valkyrie, this is the book for you.

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